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minimal landscape mountain swiss alps black and white

behind the lens

photographer qapture camera appareil photo dslr photography

name: call me Q.
home town: Lausanne, switzerland
year of birth: 1984
perfect day: waking up at dusk, going to take picture on a foggy morning and going back home with the breakfast before spending the rest of the day with my family.
gear: nikon d750, nikon d7200, fujifilm X100T.
why photography: for the fresh air, for the moment and for the endless learning process.


my youtube channel:
I started a youtube channel to share and try to give a little back of the tons of things I could learn from other photographers on the internet.
On my youtube channel you'll find tutorials, vlogs and short videos. You’ll see tips and tricks videos, gear reviews, postproduction advices and some chitchatting.
Please subscribe to stay tuned!

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