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long exposure picture of the leman lake with a pier and a purple sunset

live it

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the moment

Sunset on the cantabric coast with the cliffs and faro Cabo mayor


Explore, scout and live the moment. Landscape photography is all about knowing your surrondings.

behind the lens

close up picture of a bee collectiong pollen on a violet flower


Reveal the unseen, show the invisible. Macrophotography is all about patience and technique.

black and white picture of a man in a long coat crossing a zebra crossing


Seize the moment, fix it. Streetphotography is all about being at the right time at the right place.

behind the lens

I'm an "outdoor photographer" from Switzerland. I see photography as a great way to meditate...Waiting for the right light, the perfect moment... observe...focus... concentrate. Photography makes you live the moment! Here, you'll find more about me, about the gears and set-up I use and see my video tutorials.

a man taking pictures close to the ground on a snowy landscape

get in touch

A bug on a mug? A tree on a T? Simply a nice print on your wall? For any request or collaboration, contact me.

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